What’s Going On in Commercial Flooring Installation Trends?

Commercial flooring installation varies from building to building, but certain trends have emerged in the trade. A lot of what has been made popular in the world of commercial flooring installation and design comes down to what seems to be the most practical choice for a business. Further, these aspects of practicality can be based on a number of reasons, from price to performance.

Office Buildings Opting for Carpet

Office buildings are an ideal place to use different commercial flooring installations. These types of buildings aren’t short on options, yet we’re almost always going to see commercial carpeting in private offices and individuals offices. It’s not difficult to understand carpet’s appeal in this type of commercial setting. Carpet tiles can create a professional yet inviting space. In noisy office environments that are prone to having background chatter and computer sounds, carpeting can absorb some of the noise. The practicality of this commercial flooring installation option makes it universally appropriate for office settings.

Ever-Popular Luxury Vinyl Tile

It shouldn’t come as much surprise to see luxury vinyl tiles on this list of commercial flooring installation trends. Businesses ranging from restaurants to retail can get a lot of value from using luxury vinyl tiles at their locations. Aside from coming in a huge selection of colors and patterns, LVT is prized for its durability, given its reasonably affordable price. The key to making LVT last comes with regular maintenance and cleaning. Damaged areas, which may be beyond repair, can be quite easily replaced. If your main concern regarding this commercial flooring installation revolves around how well it can handle foot traffic, rest assured luxury vinyl is up to the task.

Businesses Saying No to Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone floors are highly coveted in homes, but what about in a commercial flooring installation? Stone flooring like marble and granite lends an elegant touch to any commercial property, primarily when used as part of an entry or lobby area. However, more and more businesses find it less worth it to invest so much in both the upfront cost of installation and rigorous maintenance to preserve its appearance. This isn’t to say that natural stone floors are entirely disappearing from businesses new and old. But, business owners do have plenty of lower-cost, high-quality alternatives to choose from nowadays.

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