What is Slate Tile Flooring?

Natural slate is a unique flooring option that is growing in popularity due to its sleek look, functional durability, and natural stone appearance. Slate tiles bring a lot of beauty and function to any home, so it’s no wonder this flooring is starting to trend. Whether you’re starting a home remodel overhaul or looking into your flooring options for a makeover in any part of your home, there are plenty of reasons to consider slate tile flooring. Here is our helpful guide to the pros and cons of slate tile flooring in any home.


Slate tile flooring is trending for a reason. Here are some of the advantages that make slate tiles increasingly popular with homeowners.


Slate tile is extremely durable. In fact, slate is one of the strongest natural stone flooring materials available–it’s resistant to scratches, breaks, chips, and cracks. When properly maintained and sealed to protect against stains, slate tile flooring is sure to look beautiful and new for years to come.

Added Value

Slate tile flooring isn’t just gorgeous and functional; it can also add serious real estate value to your home. This boost to your home’s value can make a big difference to potential future home buyers, so investing in slate tile flooring can be a great idea for any homeowner. Plus, slate tile flooring is easily adaptable to radiant heat systems, which can add an element of luxury that you can enjoy as well as benefit from in a future resale.


Slate tile flooring is simply beautiful. At once modern and natural, slate can add an elegant touch to any kitchen, foyer, dining room, or more that adds an air of luxury and hominess to any space.


Slate tile isn’t without its drawb


Unlike vinyl or concrete flooring, slate tiles can be trickier to install. Precise installation is required in order to make sure the stones are placed and sealed correctly. This process can stretch a remodel timeline since you’ll want to leave the slate tile installation to the professionals.


Slate tiles bring an air of beauty and luxury to any home, but they are also on the more expensive end of home flooring options. Cost is an essential factor for your home’s flooring, so be sure to consider cost before committing to a natural slate tile floor.


Slate tile flooring can be a bit trickier to maintain than other flooring options. It needs to be regularly sealed to prevent staining, though this can be said for many natural flooring materials as well. After all, flooring is an investment for your home, so proper maintenance is key.

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