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Ways to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Flooring

So you just invested in purchasing new commercial flooring for your business place. You’re super satisfied with the results and want to keep your floors looking their best for years to come. In between staff, customers, furniture, inventory, equipment, and more, your commercial flooring will be subjected to a lot. How can you prevent signs of wear-and-tear from showing and extend the life of your commercial flooring? Here are some of your options.

Invest in Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Be sure to purchase the right tools and products to clean your floors. Certain cleaners or stain removers are only suitable for carpet or wood floors, so be mindful of product labels and the manufacturer’s instructions. You may also see the value in hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your business place’s floors regularly if you don’t have dedicated janitorial staff. Improperly cleaning your commercial flooring can be just as bad as neglecting to clean them altogether.

Further, some types of flooring, like laminate or hardwood, will require additional maintenance measures, such as reapplying polishes. Putting resources like time or money aside for your flooring is key to extending its longevity.

Plan for Deep Cleaning

Flooring is better maintained when it can undergo deep cleaning at least once or twice a year. Regular cleaning is essential, of course, but deep cleaning makes sure that all remnant or built-up grime can be washed away. You’d be surprised how even some relatively tidy places, like office settings, can benefit from deep cleaning service. Regular cleaning removes a lot of the visible dust and dirt. Afterward, deep cleaning addresses less-detectable allergens or bacteria.

Clean Up Immediate Messes

Don’t let staining-agents or moisture have a chance to ruin your floors. Clean up messes or spills as soon as you see them. In a workplace environment, this should be a given anyway. These messes can pose a slipping hazard to your workers or customers, which could land you in legal trouble if they get hurt on your property.

Use Rugs and Entrance Mats

Placing rugs in high-traffic areas will reduce signs of visible wear from people frequently standing or walking over certain areas. Scratches and other superficial marks are one thing to address, but it’s a lot more challenging to fix uneven flooring. Also, rugs and entrance mats can prevent excess dirt or moisture from being tracked all over your business place. That helps alleviate some pressure on regular cleaning and can prevent the debris from damaging your commercial flooring.

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