Use Versatile Vinyl Tile Flooring to Recreate These Looks

There are some hot flooring trends for 2020. With so many people spending most of 2020 in their homes, they’ve discovered some updates they’d like to focus on and change. One of these changes is their floors. And now, trends are coming out of these renovations that seem to be on par with the expected trends for the year. If you want to update your floors before the year is through but don’t really know what type of floors would be best, here is a handy guide to help you navigate vinyl tile flooring and how these unique tiles can help you recreate some of the hottest flooring trends of the year.

The Wood Look With Vinyl Tiles

Everyone loves wooden floors. In fact, watching too much of the home and garden network will make you believe all people want hardwood floors when purchasing a home. However, hardwood floors can sometimes be costly. Saving money is typically a desire for many homeowners — especially these days. So understanding that people want a wood floor look without the price tag, there are options available. In fact, many say wood accents and the wood-look are all the rage in homes everywhere. While laminate used to be the only choice to get the hardwood look without the price tag, there is now a new flooring player in the game — vinyl tile. Vinyl tile flooring is perfect because it can look just as realistic as real hardwood or the laminate hardwood floors people are accustomed to without the installation hassle. Vinyl tile flooring is waterproof and thereby is super easy to maintain.

The Stone Look With Vinyl Tile Flooring

Now, you can get the stone look without spending a fortune. In fact, vinyl tile flooring is a great way to save money but get the look of stone in your home. These days, technology has really come a very long way in making vinyl tile flooring options that look just like porcelain, ceramic, or a variety of natural stones. That’s because vinyl tiles are known to be incredibly versatile and, therefore, adaptable to a wide array of looks and styles. Vinyl tile flooring is a great option if you are looking to easily and effectively mimic the priceless look of stone in your home without breaking the bank.

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