Top Reasons To Use Commercial Carpet Tiles

When it comes time to choose commercial flooring for your business or organization, there are plenty of compelling reasons to consider commercial carpet tiles. Carpet tiles remain a hugely popular choice as floor covering in commercial settings today. If you know how to pick high-quality commercial carpet tiles for your project, you’re looking at a solid investment. Need help narrowing your options or determining how much carpeting your project will require? Talk to one of the flooring experts at RPS Flooring today!

Easy and Efficient Installation

Commercial carpet tiles are far easier to work with then broadloom varieties. That means the installation process moves along quickly and efficiently. Each tile can be cut, positioned, and installed in place while producing less waste. This aspect entices many businesses since they won’t overpay for extra carpeting material that will only get cut and not put to use.

Straightforward Maintenance

The general maintenance needs of commercial carpet include regular vacuuming and a semi-regular deep cleaning. From there, you can increase or decrease how often these tasks need to be done, given the amount of foot traffic in your building. If there is ever a stubborn stain or noticeable tear in the carpet, you can remove the affected tile or tiles and replace them. As a result, you’ll maintain a seamless finish to your carpet flooring for many years!

Lots of Design Options

Manufacturers know commercial carpet tiles are always in demand, so they follow suit by providing a ton of design options. There’s sure to be a design that fits any organization’s desired aesthetics. Beyond the color variety, businesses can easily choose different configurations or create different patterns in their flooring with carpet tiles. Or, one can always go for the classic look of solid finish flooring.

Excellent Durability and Longevity

The durability of commercial carpet tiles does not get enough recognition. This type of commercial flooring takes on high foot-traffic and withstands heavy furniture and equipment being moved upon it frequently. It absorbs the weight of people and things, dampens noises, and retains a relatively plush feel, feeling comfortable underfoot. How does it do it? A considerable portion of its durability can be attributed to using cushion-backed carpet tiles. The perfect amount of give from the cushion backing lessens the impact on the actual carpet fibers. Thus, this further helps preserve its appearance and quality for longer in a commercial setting.

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