Tips on Planning Your Commercial Flooring Budget

When adding new floors or refurbishing a commercial space, you need to be precise with your commercial flooring budget. Any company needs careful planning to allocate enough funds to complete a successful commercial flooring installation. Between your desired materials and the cost of labor, you may find yourself facing some unexpected figures later on in the process. And surprises are never good when it comes to budgets and expenses. Take a look at these tips to help keep your commercial flooring budget in check!

Getting Accurate Measurements and Calculations

Because commercial flooring materials are sold by the square foot, it’s a relatively straightforward process to measure and calculate the size of your various rooms to know how much material to order. Some rooms aren’t perfectly rectangular or square, so you need to pay extra attention when making those calculations. You can always hire a professional service to get these measurements and help get you an estimate on pricing. Don’t forget about closet spaces or stairs in your facility. Further, your commercial flooring budget can be adjusted to get you enough floor coverings in various materials, like using carpet, luxury vinyl, and laminate.

Factoring in Labor Costs

Your company is more than likely going to employ contractors and flooring installation experts to put down your new floors professionally. Therefore, their fees should be calculated as part of your overall commercial flooring budget. Still, installation may not be the only service you’re hiring them for, so you need to take this into account as well. See if they will be taking care of the old flooring’s demolition and disposal costs, repairing and replacing the subflooring, and any finishing procedures, like polishing and sealing hardwood floors.

Remember to Purchase Some Extra Flooring Materials

When it comes time to purchase your commercial flooring materials, it’s always better to have a bit more than being short. And yet, having too much extra is a poor use of your company funds. This is why getting careful and close to accurate measurements is still very important. When placing your order, it’s still a good idea to order some extra material if any gets delivered damaged or unexpected issues come up during installation. In a commercial setting, floors get a lot of wear-and-tear, so having extra on hand is great for any repair jobs. You won’t need to worry about sourcing the same material again or trying to find a replacement option that matches.

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