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Tips for Choosing Residential Carpet Color

Selecting your residential carpet color for wall-to-wall application is, no doubt, a huge decision. Flooring often sets the foundation and tone for the rest of the room’s overall impression, not to mention the home as a whole. Homeowners can try to take the practical approach when narrowing down their residential carpet color decision, or they can pick based solely on color preference. Typically, one can reach the best choice by factoring in both accounts, plus a little bit of advice from flooring experts, like us at RPS Carpet and Flooring Wholesalers. Here are some tips for choosing your home’s perfect residential carpet color.

Consider the Room Size

Each house will have various sized rooms, but it should still be considered when deliberating your residential carpet color options. Smaller rooms in more modest-sized homes may benefit from lighter colored carpet to add more light and feeling of space to the room. Larger rooms often appear more intimate and cozy with darker colored flooring. The size of the room and the ways you want to transform or enhance its appearance can influence your decision.

Consider the Purpose

When considering the purpose of the room, and likely how much traffic and wear the flooring will undergo, this can influence your color choice as well. In general, both very light and very dark carpet colors show stains and debris. Light colors, like white and beige, contrast heavily against things like tracked dirt or spilled food stains. Dark-colored carpets, like navy or dark gray, tend to emphasize the appearance of dust and lint. Having multiple household members, children, or pets can influence how much cleaning needs to go into maintaining your carpet regularly. Bedrooms may be out of the way, but high-traffic living areas like family rooms or even finished basements will require a level of cleaning to maintain appearances.

Undertones and Wall Paint

Homeowners don’t need to match their residential carpet color to their wall paint, but it should definitely complement or coordinate with the other’s color. If the wall color is already set, you could narrow your carpet color decision from there. However, keep in mind that it’s less expensive to repaint the walls than replace wall-to-wall carpeting in the future. Be sure to pick carpet and wall colors within the same color family by assessing whether your options have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. This consideration can also go a long way in dictating the decor and furniture that will look best in your home afterward.

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