Tile Flooring Ideas For The Bathrooms

Tile flooring in our bathrooms will always be a staple in home flooring options. There is plenty of room for creativity and personalization when selecting tile flooring. Plus, it’s almost always the most practical choice considering how wet the bathroom gets and the need for regular cleaning. But, if we’re solely considering your bathroom floors’ appearance and design, homeowners can get some inspiration from these tile flooring ideas.

Black-And-White Color Block

There’s been a huge surge in demand for that farmhouse-chic look, or an interior that is more vintage-inspired. For that reason, black-and-white stenciled tiles are taking over the bathroom floors. Some stenciled tiles come with gray and other muted colored designs. Using these styles of tiles for your tile flooring is sure to make it a statement in your bathroom design.

Matte Tile Finishes

Shiny tile finishes look clean and elegant, but many homeowners have recently turned their attention to matte finishes. Matte and honed finish tile flooring gives the overall bathroom a slightly more modern twist. Performance-wise, matte ceramic floor tiles are considered safer than glossy ones since they tend to be less slippery when wet. In between cleanings, the matte finish can help disguise watermarks better than traditional shiny tiles.

Mimic Hardwood Look With Tiles

Even with hardwood’s undeniable appeal in most homes, people hesitate to install wood floors in bathrooms. Luckily, there are ways to mimic the look with tile flooring. Long floor tiles are manufactured to replicate the patterns and colors of wood planks. By installing these tiles with subtle grout lines, you could achieve a very comparable look of hardwood in your bathroom while reaping all the benefits of using tile flooring.

Mosaic Designs

Mosaic designs aren’t just about the colors, but they also have a lot to do with the pattern. Big and small mosaic tiles provide so much visual interest to your bathroom design without taking up too much space. Popular shapes and patterns include subway tile, herringbone, chevron, and hexagons. Using a more diagonal tile flooring design could make a smaller bathroom appear more spacious.

Adding a Radiant Heating System

While this isn’t a design idea, it’s worth mentioning that homeowners are upgrading their bathroom tile flooring by installing a radiant floor heating system. They take the opportunity to install the heating system above the subfloor layer before putting their tiles down. Tiles and stones can feel cold underfoot naturally, so adding a radiant heating system gives your bathroom an extra luxurious touch.

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