Things That Ruin Residential Flooring

Imagine saving up for your amazing residential flooring, mulling over all your options, and installing that luxe carpet or sophisticated hardwood, only for you to need to replace it by next year. We want you to enjoy your home flooring for several years to come, and admittedly, different factors will affect the longevity of your floors. However, many homeowners are guilty of cutting down the lifecycle of their residential flooring by doing, or not doing, a few things. If you are mindful of what can potentially ruin your floors, you’ll be able to make some small adjustments in your life to prolong your flooring’s fabulous condition.

Not Regularly Cleaning

When you don’t clean your resident flooring regularly, or don’t clean them thoroughly enough when you do, that leaves it susceptible to damage or irreversible messes. Dirty floors are unsanitary and unsightly to begin with. Wood floors can accumulate abrasive particles that will scratch up the surface. Tiles collect grime that can attract harmful bacteria. And we certainly can’t forget to vacuum the carpet before dust, dirt, and other household debris gets matted into the carpet fibers.

Liquid Spills and Exposure

Accidental spills happen all the time, sometimes more frequently in some rooms or households than others. Generally, your residential flooring should withstand the spills if you act fast and thoroughly clean it up. If carpet experiences prolonged exposure to water, mold can grow. Hardwood floors are more susceptible to warping and rotting if spills go uncleaned. When cleaning your floors with liquids, don’t use too much and make sure you dry it up completely afterward.

Not Using Furniture Pads

Sticking furniture pads under your furniture legs can prevent accidental scratches on many hard flooring surfaces. Buying a set of these furniture pads is far less expensive than needing to repair or replace your flooring. Even if you don’t move some pieces of furniture around often, like a sofa, each time you use it or bump into it, the tiny movements can add up to a significant dent or marking over time.

Not Rotating Your Furniture Around

Speaking of moving furniture, it would help if you were doing a bit of furniture rearranging from time to time. Rotating your furniture around removes some of the pressure from heavy items on portions of your floors. This prevents dents from forming where your furniture pieces sit for long periods. Additionally, rearranging your layout helps relieve some of the day-to-day traffic of walking over the same spots repeatedly. This ensures you won’t wear out one section of your residential flooring too quickly.

Not Trimming Pet Nails

Taking care of your pets will preserve the quality of your home flooring too! When you keep your furry friend’s nails trimmed, it’s less likely they will scratch up your hardwood floors accidentally, or have their nails get caught in your carpet fibers. Pets are more comfortable when they have properly manicured paws anyway.

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