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Should I Choose Light or Dark-Colored Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are a coveted home feature to many. We know there are several shades and finishes to wood flooring — not to mention some great look-alike alternatives. So when it comes to choosing light or dark-colored hardwood floors, is there a better choice in one or the other? Fortunately, deciding whether to go light or dark comes down to a matter of preference, and that’s usually the right choice for the homeowner! However, are there some factors to weigh and consider between light and dark-colored hardwood floors that may help you make your decision? You bet!

Which Will Make Your House Look Cleaner?

Let’s face it: life can get busy, and chores like sweeping can go on hold. There’s no better way to make your house look clean than actually to keep it clean, but the color of your hardwood floors could stretch out how long you need to go before you break out the broom again. Light-colored floors tend to show less dirt or pet fur. For either light or dark wood floors, opt for a stylish and modern satin finish to further disguise dust and dirt.

Is One More Prone to Scratches?

Speaking from a durability standpoint, the color of wood floors has nothing to do with how easy it scratches or dents. But in many cases, darker hardwood floors can make any imperfection more obvious. This is because any markups can scratch away the dark stain applied to the wood. The bare wood underneath is more likely to contrast against the rest of the dark wood plank than on light-colored flooring.

Are Dark or Light Hardwood Floors Trendy?

While you don’t necessarily want to make your flooring choices based solely on trends, it can be helpful to know if you plan to resell your home in the near future. You want to entice homebuyers with your beautiful flooring, and thus eliminating one less thing for them to remodel. Regardless, whether dark or light-colored hardwood floors are more trendy will depend on your area. Although, it is worth mentioning a rise in super dark hardwood floors, as well as the contemporary chic weathered gray wood flooring (which can be achieved through laminate or vinyl flooring too).

Will One Go Better With Your Furniture?

Are you concerned about your favored choice in flooring clashing with your furniture? Don’t be. Hardwood floors in any shade can go great with most furniture, even other shades of wood furniture. Wood is quite neutral, so it’s no problem if your wood floors and furniture aren’t the same shade.

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