Patterned Tile Floors for The Kitchen

It seems like today’s homeowners aren’t keen to choose anything other than the minimalist or traditional look for their kitchens. For that reason, patterned tile floors seem to have fallen out of favor completely. If you’re debating whether to opt for plain or patterned tile floors for your next kitchen remodel, these style and design tips can persuade you to choose something more fun and fresh with your flooring. Patterned tiles even look wonderful throughout other parts of your home. With the right choice and a professional flooring expert to help guide you, you can rest assured your new patterned tile floors won’t look dated or garish.

Coordinate With Other Kitchen Elements

A good rule of thumb is to tie in your floor tile pattern with something else in the rest of the kitchen design. Coordinating the patterns or colors makes for a more cohesive design. If you choose to install a patterned backsplash tile, go for a similar design on the floors. What color are your kitchen cabinets? Try to pick a tile pattern that uses the same shade in its design.

Go Bold

In some cases, a busy floor pattern competes too much with more ornate kitchen styles. However, if your kitchen design is mostly modeled after contemporary tastes, with smooth surfaces and a limited color scheme, this is a perfect time to go bold with your flooring choice. In fact, it would probably look super balanced to choose something so statement for something as big as the kitchen flooring. Patterned tile floors with a fun geometric design can add back personality, fun, and character into an otherwise low-key kitchen.

Customized Patterns

While there are so many unique and stylish patterns available today, you can go a few steps further to customize your kitchen flooring. If you don’t want a single pattern or shaped tile dominating the entire floor space, you can mix-and-match your desired styles. It’s all about creating a balance in visual elements. Take into account how the various tiles coordinate and how it can tie into the rest of the kitchen.

Bring Back Definition

Are you working on an open kitchen floor plan? Bring back some spatial separation with patterned floor tiles! Create a visual boundary for the kitchen floor space by defining it with a pattern tile that complements the surrounding flooring. It can be more practical to use tiles as your kitchen flooring anyway as opposed to the surrounding wood floors, for example.

For The Traditionalists

If you feel like you can’t choose patterned tiles that will go with your traditional style kitchen, you could be mistaken. You can actually complete the look of a traditional kitchen with traditional patterned tiles. It’s all a matter of choosing the right color and size pattern to not draw too much attention away from your other kitchen elements, like the kitchen island or Shaker-style cabinets.

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