Is Laminate Flooring A Good Choice in 2020?

Laminate flooring is a really popular choice in many homes because of its ease of use and maintenance. Many homeowners especially want it for rooms like the kitchen or the bath, and they go looking for “waterproof laminate flooring.” Unfortunately, there is not truly any such thing as waterproof laminate flooring. That doesn’t make it a bad choice since laminate flooring is at least water-resistant, and it has many positive benefits.


The best thing about laminate flooring is its durability. It won’t ding, dent, scratch, or chip. It won’t succumb to heavy foot traffic in hallways and foyers, either. It is ideal for rooms that see a lot of use, but also areas where you risk dropping heavy things, like pots and pans, since it won’t ding. This is part of the reason laminate flooring is so popular in kitchens. Laminate flooring that is properly installed and taken care of can last a long time, so in addition to being beautiful, it is also a good investment.

Easy To Maintain

Laminate is also incredibly easy to maintain. While it isn’t waterproof, it is water-resistant, and most spills won’t do any lasting damage if they’re cleaned up promptly. A mop dampened with water, or a water and vinegar solution, is really all you need to clean up dirt or dust. However, never use a soaking wet mop, and remember to dry any excess moisture when you’re done mopping.

Easy To Install

Laminate flooring isn’t just easy to own and maintain; it is also easy to install. So much so, that many homeowners take it on as a DIY project. The process involves tearing out your old flooring, inspecting your subflooring, and eventually installing your new flooring. While it doesn’t involve special tools, it is a lot of work. So if you’re doubtful of your ability to DIY, leave it to the professionals. You should also note that having your flooring professionally installed may be crucial to the warranty, so look into that before you decide to DIY.

Lots of Options

The other great thing about laminate is just how many fantastic options there are. Since laminate is a printed material, it comes in various styles, colors, and patterns. In fact, laminate can mimic just about any other type of flooring material, often with very realistic results, even high-end options like natural stone. No matter the room, there will be a style of laminate flooring that fits it and matches your aesthetic.

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