Home Flooring Tips to Make Each Room Look More Spacious

Armed with all the design tips in the world, it can nonetheless feel like an impossible task to make a small room feel big enough. No matter where you put your furniture, what color you paint the wall, or how many mirrors you add to the space, a room may still feel too small for your liking. One area that many designers often forget to think about is what kind of home flooring you’re using. There are so many flooring materials and options out there that it’s important that we not forget about our precious floors. If you’re looking to make a small room feel larger than life, consider these home flooring tips.

Dark Flooring Tones

Conventional wisdom tells us that brighter is almost always better. However, when it comes to flooring in small spaces, that would be a misconception. Matching a cooler wall tone with dark flooring makes a room feel expansive thanks to all the contrast. If you’re working with carpet, that means finding the right tone that will go with your ideal wall color. For hardwood or something that resembles it, think oak, walnut, or Brazilian cherry.

Think Diagonals

Most flooring is laid out rather plainly: horizontally or vertically. Diagonal floors can work as an optical illusion though, which happens when the widest part of the floor pattern is facing you when you enter the room. This effect can kind of trick your brain into thinking a space is larger than it truly is. The best part about this trick? It will work with any kind of flooring. Go ahead, give it a shot!

Larger (Carpet) Tiles

If you’re using typical tiles or planks, or even installing carpet tiles, this next tip always applies. Go with the biggest tiles you can. It’s simple enough: the more flooring material it appears there is, and the less that material is broken up visually, the larger your room will look. Depending on your home flooring needs, you may want carpet. If so, consider using carpet tiles instead of wall-to-wall carpets, which can make a space feel massive.

Keep it Consistent

It’s important in any home flooring situation but particularly when you’re trying to make a room feel larger than it really is that you keep your design consistent. While you may have different materials throughout your home, you want rooms to flow into one another. If you follow the above tips to make a room feel larger than it really is with your flooring choices, try to carry some of those choices into the rest of your home so it doesn’t stand out as an obvious attempt to revamp a tiny room.

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