Home Flooring Options for Your Stairs

Many homeowners would agree that finding the right flooring material for their homes is of the utmost importance. When you hear home flooring, kitchen floors, family rooms, and bathrooms will come to mind for most people. Whether its carpet or hardwood, stairs are a customizable area as well in terms of home flooring. The same ideas apply for stairs as other parts of the house with a few exceptions. Let’s take a look at some of the home flooring options for stairs!

Hardwood Flooring

As classic as they come, hardwood stairs are the apex of aesthetics and design for many homes. Homeowners who choose hardwood floors elsewhere for home flooring are likely inclined to continue the design trend for sets of stairs. Despite the aesthetic appeal, hardwood floors can cause some problems for homeowners. First, hardwood stairs can be slippery, and so can be a tripping hazard for children and older family members. Runners and mats can help mitigate this issue. Another issue with hardwood is the sound, hardwood typically is creaky and can create loud noises when things are dropped. On the plus side of this harder material, hardwood stairs will be much more durable than other materials.

Carpeting Flooring

Perhaps the most common choice for homeowners aside from hardwood, carpet flooring on the stairs is always a solid choice. Carpet flooring does not have the same falling and tripping hazard as hardwood does. In fact, the extra cushioning of carpeted stairs adds a safety value to this home flooring option as well as a bit of color. On the other hand, carpet flooring tends to see more wear and tear from many sources. Spills, dirt, scruffs, pets all can damage carpet stairs to the point of needing replacement. If going with this option, be sure to find durable types of carpet or fabric.

Laminate Flooring

How about a home flooring option that is cheap, durable, easy to clean? Laminate flooring might be for you! While laminate doesn’t last as long as hardwoods or is as cushioning as carpet, laminate is inexpensive and easy to install. That way, you can potentially do it yourself with no need to call a contractor! In addition, laminate comes in many different colors, designs and even can mimic other materials. Quite a few homeowners are starting to pick out cleverly designed laminate options to give a wood or even stone look.

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