Hardwood Flooring: Cleaning and Upkeep for Longevity

Many homeowners would agree that hardwood flooring is a cornerstone in home decor, style, and function. Due to the beautiful yet finicky nature of hardwood flooring, proper care and maintenance are of the utmost importance. This regimen will keep your hardwood flooring, and therefore, your home’s appearance lasting as long as possible. Cleaning, maintaining, and addressing damage to hardwood floors all require specialized tools or materials, and a bit of know-how.


While most hardwood floors are resistant to stains, daily sweeping and mopping are recommended. Microfiber cloths or Swiffers are best for this. They trap dirt, food particles, and pet hair. These are more effective than sweeping with a broom which can still leave debris behind. Vacuuming is also another recommended task to do daily. Using a floor brush handle instead of the full bottom of the vacuum can limit dust and particles that get blown around. Be sure to keep an eye on the wheels or weight of the vacuum as not to damage the wood. The last thing to do is use a hardwood-safe cleaner around once a month by mop or microfiber cloth.


Following a careful cleaning routine is the most effective way to maintain your hardwood flooring. After you have a cleaning routine down, polish your hardwood to keep the best visuals. Many hardwood floors have polyurethane finishes. These seal and protect the wood, as well as give a shiny finish. Daily wear and tear will eventually expose the wood underneath the finish. Polishing helps put new coats of the finish to keep protecting the wood. Be sure to check the manufacturer of your wood for the correct polishing requirements. Lastly, sunlight can damage or lighten hardwood flooring. This is especially impactful for darker wood colors. Make sure to draw your drapes to keep the sunlight from lightening the wood.

What To Do About Damage

Unlike carpet and fabric surfaces, hardwood flooring is not affected as much by spills and stains. Typically these are easy to clean up and do not have lasting effects on the flooring when treated promptly, so hardwood can make a good choice for kitchens. On the other hand, heavy objects represent a threat to hardwood flooring. Dropping objects may dent or splinter the wood. Even prolonged placement of heavy furniture like couches, media centers, or a piano, could create dents to the floor. To prevent this rugs, mats, or other protective layers are recommended. Be sure to use the correct type of rug backing that won’t damage the seal or finish on the wood. Always consult professionals when determining if you should replace or refinish damage.

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