Greatest Mistakes People Make With Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone floors undoubtedly add elegance to many homes. This type of flooring’s beauty and luxury are matched by how finicky the installation and maintenance processes can be. Many of these mistakes that can potentially ruin your floors can be avoided simply by knowing what to do and what to avoid. To keep your natural stone floors looking exquisite for several years to come, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Not Purchasing Tiles in Batches

By not purchasing your tiles in full batches to cover your floors, you can doom your natural stone floors from the start. Natural stone’s beauty and uniqueness come from organic variations in vein pattern and color. Purchasing from various batches can cause each tile or each room of your home to look mismatched, which distracts from their charm. Granite, marble, slate, limestone, travertine, and more are all types of natural stones with subtle variations that can look out of place upon final installation if not coming from the same batch.

Selecting the Wrong Finish

When considering new home flooring, you finally narrowed it down to the material, but now you must also carefully choose the right color and finish. Too often, homeowners want a honed finish only to spend extra, later on, to have them polished. Some find that the polished, glossy finish they initially chose does not look so good because they can’t keep up with the frequent cleaning demands, and opt to have it honed. Picking the wrong finish can diminish your enjoyment of your natural stone floors and incurs more resources to change.

Working with the Cheapest Installer

This isn’t to say you can’t find a great or competitive price for your natural stone floors to be installed. However, like many other things, you pay for what you get. Stone floors require more skill and labor to install correctly, so expect to pay higher prices for better quality work. By skimping on hiring a professional stone floor installation, you can create more costly problems down the road. The same can be said about hiring professionals to fix, refinish, and polish your stone floors.

Using Sanded Grout

Unsanded grout and, in some cases, epoxy grout, are better for natural stone floors. Installing natural stone floors with sanded grout makes it extremely difficult to refinish floors, as the sand can come loose and scratch up the tiles in the process. If using epoxy grout, the natural stones should be sealed before adding grout, as the stones are porous and can become discolored by the chemical grout.

Poor Sealing Practices

Again, natural stones are porous, so they need proper sealing and resealing to preserve their appearance. Some stones are more porous than others. They will require more frequent sealing than other types to protect from stains and discoloration. In some cases, lousy sealant application can change the floor finish or color, or create weak spots for moisture and staining agents to seep through.

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