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What Kinds of Tile Flooring Are Easiest to Clean?


If you’re looking for tile flooring, finding an option that’s easy to clean may be a high priority for you.

When it comes to cleaning all the rooms in the house, there is one room above all the others that people avoid cleaning: the bathroom. This might be because the toilet is a fairly gross thing to think about cleaning, but that is not the only thing in the bathroom. The other reason many people avoid cleaning the bathroom is that their tile floors are hard to clean. But not all tile floors need to be hard to clean. In fact, there are several styles that are easy to clean while still beautiful. 

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are incredibly easy to clean. You don’t need to use specialized cleaners – you can use almost any cleaner you already have. Most vinyl tile will only need to be swept up most of the time, and occasionally mopped. You will rarely need to really scrub them to get them clean. If you do opt for vinyl tile, go with smooth, polished styles. Any texture or etching will collect dirt more easily. 

Laminate Tile

Laminate tiles are another really easy to clean flooring option. Like vinyl, Laminate usually only needs sweeping and occasionally mopping. You will keep you tile looking its best if you sweep up dirt and debris daily. In the worst case, you may need to mop the floor with a floor cleaner. 

Glass Tile

Glass tiles are timeless and striking in almost any bathroom, on both floors and walls. Glass tiles are available in many styles and colors, including opaque, translucent, and transparent varieties. Glass is resistant to staining and scratches and won’t be damaged by moisture. This makes it very easy to keep clean. Glass is also an affordable tile option, making it a great choice in many bathrooms.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone is the go-to choice for many people because it lends a calming aesthetic to any bathroom. These tiles are available in a large variety of materials, from quartz to granite to travertine. Natural stone tile can be used to achieve both traditional and contemporary looks. While the natural materials might not be easy to clean, once the tiles are sealed, they become very low maintenance. The sealer protects against moisture and water damage, scratches, mold, and staining. 

Polished Porcelain Tile

The polished surface of these tiles makes it easy to clean them and helps them to resist staining. These tiles will likely only need sweeping and the occasional mopping. For soiled floors, you may need a floor cleaner solution, but more often than not simply mopping with water will clean the floors.

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