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Many homeowners love a good DIY project. There is a great sense of accomplishment and pride in looking at your home and knowing that your hard work and sweat made the beauty happen. For a long time, repairing or replacing a floor would never have fallen into this category – it was a job left to professionals. But with the rise of home improvement television shows and the invention of the easy-to-install tongue and groove flooring, many people think that turning their flooring installation into a DIY is a great cost-effective option. The truth is that this is still a job best left to the professionals. Read on for more details.


The first thing to think about is how complex the job of replacing your floor will be. If you have to do a lot of prep, from removing old flooring like carpets to repairing sections of hardwood flooring, that will take even more time and know-how. Also, if there are other complex things about your flooring, like needing to install professional flooring on staircases, you should consider leaving the flooring installation to a professional.


Cost is often one of the driving factors for people wanting to DIY a flooring project rather than invest in professional flooring. There is the cost of materials to consider and there is the cost of labor for installing. When building your budget, you need to compare the costs of the materials as well as the costs of renting or buying the equipment you need if you’re doing the installation. You should also put a value on your time. If it will take you a week to finish the flooring, that is a week that you’re not working. 

Skills and Abilities

Professional flooring installers have the skills and abilities that you likely don’t have. Before taking on the job, you need to objectively look at your abilities. Do you have the skills needed for the job? Will you be able to fix mistakes as they happen? Will you get overwhelmed and frustrated if the project runs into issues? If these potential issues make this a no-go, invest in a professional and get the job done right.

Additional Issues

Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of work that you’re going to get if you do it yourself. You may take to new skills really easily and excel at things, but if you’ve never tried installing a floor there will be a learning curve. The finished product is likely going to show the results of any slips or missteps that you made along the way. If you get a professional, the results will be professional and beautiful.

Questions? RPS Flooring is Here to Help

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