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The Best Flooring Options for the Master Bath

Are you remodeling the master bath? Consider these flooring options!

Are you remodeling the master bath? Consider these flooring options!

Choosing the right flooring is a big decision for any room in your house. You have to consider design, durability, and expense, but when you’re planning the upgrades to your bathroom flooring there’s one factor that you don’t have to consider in most other rooms in the house: water. The fact is that your bathroom floor sees a lot of water, and you need to choose flooring that can stand up to it or you’ll be replacing that flooring again before you know it. Here are the best flooring options to consider for your master bathroom remodel.


Porcelain tile is easily the best option for bathrooms because it is waterproof, cost-effective, and comes in a number of stylish options. Ceramic tile is also a good option, especially in half baths – the major difference between the two is that porcelain tile has a lower water absorption rate. Either way, these tiles come in a variety of colors, styles, and textures that are sure to fit your aesthetic and your budget. The one major drawback of tile is that it tends to be very cold, so if you have room in your budget consider installing a heated floor to solve the issue.


Vinyl has long been an extremely practical choice for bathrooms because it is durable and easy to care for. Vinyl is a very water resistant option, with the full vinyl sheets offering the best waterproofing. Like tile, it comes in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and textures. Vinyl even comes in styles that will mimic other materials, like hardwood. Vinyl is also the easiest option for DIYers, but keep in mind that poorly aligned seems will destroy your water resistance, so you may be better off with professional installation.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a beautiful choice for a bathroom, but not very friendly to a budget. It is easily the most expensive flooring option, but if you’re planning to sell in the future, you could see a huge return on that investment in resale value. It is extremely hard and durable, and it offers a warm, earthy aesthetic in your bathroom. The stone itself is not warm, however, so consider installing a heated floor underneath.

Engineered Wood

Natural hardwood does not belong in the bathroom because the extreme moisture can ruin it. Engineered wood, however, has greater dimensional stability and a plywood base that holds up well in wet conditions. It is really the only choice if you want real wood, but the bottom line is that any real wood product will eventually succumb to damage in a bathroom.

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