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The Best Flooring Options for Pet-Owners

Choose the best flooring for your home and your pet!

Choose the best flooring for your home and your pet!

It’s important to take our furry friends into consideration when choosing new flooring. You want flooring that can stand up to your pet’s claws, that is easy to keep clean, be safe and comfy for your pet, and still look great in your home. That’s a tall order, but there are some flooring options that are definitely up to the task.


This may be surprising since bamboo in nature looks delicate, but bamboo flooring is some of the hardest wood on the market. The extreme durability of the surface means that it won’t scratch easily, even if you forget to trim the puppy’s toenails. It is also incredibly stain resistant and easy to clean. Finally, it is also a great renewable resource, so it is a material you can feel good about.


Another incredibly hard and durable flooring option is stone. Like bamboo, it will not scratch or dent under the abuse of your pet’s feet, and many of the options can be sealed against staining. The biggest downside is that it is not the most comfortable material to lay on, especially in the colder months. If you do opt for stone, stock up on soft throw rugs and pet beds that you can clean in your washing machine.


Tile is another option that has a lot of the same benefits and drawbacks as stone. It is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and scratch and stain resistant. But in colder weather, it can be cold and uncomfortable for little paws and furry bodies to lay on.


One of the best benefits of cork is that it is antimicrobial, meaning that the surface actually inhibits mold and bacteria growth. It is scratch resistant, and a great sound absorber. This is a great option for larger pets if you don’t want to hear them walking around above you. The biggest negative to cork flooring is that it can stain, so keep that in mind for young or old pets who may have accidents.


Laminate flooring is another scratch resistant option to consider for your home. While not as hard as stone or tile, it can be a less comfortable surface than bamboo or cork. It also can be a safety issue occasionally, especially for dogs. Because of their nails, some dogs slip on the very smooth surface of some laminate flooring. If you decide to go with laminate, get an embossed or textured style so that your dogs won’t slip and slide around on it.

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