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Stylish Inspiration for New Commercial Office Flooring

Stylish Inspiration for New Commercial Office Flooring

If you’re looking into replacing your commercial office flooring in the near future, consider these flooring trends for inspiration.

While flooring may be the last thing people consciously think about when they enter the room, it is one of the biggest things that we unconsciously notice. When commercial office flooring is old, worn out, damaged, or tacky, it is immediately noticeable. When the flooring is beautiful and makes an office space inviting, visitors feel better about being in your commercial office, even if they don’t know why. If you’re looking into replacing your commercial office flooring in the near future, consider these flooring trends for inspiration.

“Resimercial” Flooring

Resimercial is a portmanteau of residential and commercial that does exactly what it sounds like: uses residential flooring trends for commercial office spaces. The goal here is to make the work space feel more comfortable and inviting by replacing cold corporate aesthetics with warm, welcoming home ones. Wood textures and tones are a big part of this style since they are popular choices for the home.

Color Theory

Color influences perceptions, and we tend to associate specific colors with different types of industries or types of businesses. For instance, red tends to be seen as a bold, confident, and authoritative color, so a red-toned wood flooring style would be a good fit for a detail and data-oriented business with a no-nonsense brand. Blue, on the other hand, is a cool and calming color that is thought to put people at ease. Blue-toned luxury vinyl tile flooring would be good in a creative industry or any business where you want to calm clients and put them at ease. White is a very neutral color, which is why it is so popular for walls, and white-toned wood flooring can continue that style. Yellow is seen as an optimistic color and may be good for places where kids need a little extra boost of support, like daycares. 

Separation Of Spaces

If your office has embraced the open layout, you can use flooring to separate spaces that would otherwise be divided by walls visually. Use different types of flooring for different use areas, such as commercial carpet in the lobby, wood-look in the office space, and stone-look in the conference space, or simply different color tones or patterns of the same type of flooring in different space. Alternatively, if you want to use the same style and color of flooring throughout, simply change the direction of the pattern to separate the areas visually. This is a great way to create concrete space separation without blocking creative communications with walls.

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