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When is the Right Time to Replace My Floors?

Discover when you should replace your floors and why!

Discover when you should replace your floors and why!

Moving into a new house can be exciting and scary at the same time. While you are welcoming a new environment and beginning, the upkeep of the house can become a project within itself and can make you feel in over your head. There are some things you just don’t know how to take care of and when to just let them go, for example, your flooring. You don’t get all the cheat codes to life, but here are some cheat codes to help you decide when you should replace every kind of flooring.


If you have hardwood floor, replacing the flooring may not be the option you should consider. To revive the flooring, sanding and refinishing the flooring can replace that beaten up floor to a brand new one. Either option, money will be coming out your pocket and into a professional.


There are two reasons why carpet flooring needs to be replaced. While the second has to do with actual damage, the first has to do with the look of the carpet. Carpet for most people is usually replaced when the degree of staining and dirt has changed the look of the carpet. It’s important to clean your carpet regularly, but there are still points where you can’t get every stain off the carpet. Stains in carpets that result in replacing are pet stains and the occasional red wine spillings.

Going back to the second reason, actual damage is last reason why this flooring needs to be replaced. If your carpet has tears and rips in it, there is no way you can fix the problem and the best solution would be replacing the whole thing. Not replacing in a timely manner can result in injury as it is easy to trip off snags. Be sure to keep this in mind when waiting until the last minute for replacing.


If you were wondering about the lifespan of tiles, it’s probably longer than you think. Tiles can last you longer than any other flooring. If any of your tiles are broken, it can be easily replaced. They also can be sealed and cleaned to look brand new. Reviving this flooring will be your easiest job. The only exception to this is if you notice your tiles continually breaking, even with minimal effort. This is a sign your tiles need to be replaced with newer ones. When replacing them, opt for finding tiles that are heavy duty and doesn’t have issues years later with cracking.

As we have said tiles can last a lifetime, there will be a time where you will get tired of the tiling you have. A lot of the designs are trendy and not styled to last a lifetime, so replacing them will become inevitable. The one advantage to this is budgeting for changing the tiling and not being forced to replace because of damage or worn.

Laminate/ Vinyl

Laminate or Vinyl tile is very different from regular tile, so not confusing the lifespan of the two is very important. As tile can last a lifetime, laminate flooring cannot. Nothing more than looking at the laminate flooring can inform you when it’s time to invest in new flooring. You’ll start to notice the floor beginning to peel and the adhesive separating from the flooring.

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