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Cleaning Tips for 5 Different Flooring Types

Discover the best way to clean your new floors!

Discover the best way to clean your new floors!

One of the first important things to consider when installing new flooring is the appropriate way to clean it. Here are some quick tips for cleaning five different flooring types. 

Bamboo Flooring

Starting with the most sensitive flooring, it is very easy to cause damage to the flooring, even with sweeping. Even though this flooring needs the extra carefulness, it is still possible to clean. Dilute ¼ pH-neutral soap and water for a solution and with a slightly damp mop and clothing for extra cleaning.

Cork Flooring

A spill here and there may not mean much to you, but it does mean much for the quality of cork flooring. With this flooring, water can cause damage even if your floor has been sealed. Be sure to practice floor safety with this flooring. Cleaning this floor will prove to be a DIY as it is best to clean with a natural solution rather than pre-made chemical cleaning. With ¼ vinegar, warm water and a simple drop of your favorite dish detergent, cleaning your flooring by wiping with a microfiber mop will be easy and affordable.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are easily discoverable, but what type of hardwood flooring you have is where customers get lost. Simply rub your flooring and see if it created a smudge. If you see one, then you have waxed hardwood flooring. If not, polyurethane flooring is in your house. With wax hardwood flooring, cleaning without using water is your only option as it will damage the floor. If you have polyurethane flooring, a pH balanced solution is best and easy to create.

Vinyl Flooring

There are two options for cleaning vinyl flooring. You can use the same solution as cleaning the cork flooring with ¼ vinegar, warm water and a simple drop of dish detergent or you can deep clean with a steam cleaner for deeper cleaning.   

Linoleum Flooring

With this flooring, cleaning naturally is preferred as this flooring is equally natural. With some warm water, drops of dishwashing liquid and a microfiber mop, spray the product while wiping with the damp mop.

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