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Low-Maintenance Residential Flooring Homeowners Love

Low-Maintenance Residential Flooring Homeowners Love

High-end appearance with low-maintenance. These are some of the best residential flooring options to choose from.

Is it time to install new flooring in your property? Upgrading your residential flooring is a great way to improve the look and feel of a home while increasing its value. The only trouble is deciding what flooring type is the right fit for you! As with any decision you make for your home or property, you’ll want to consider many factors. In some cases, you may want to choose the most low-maintenance option, which leaves you with a few excellent materials to choose from for residential flooring! 

Luxury Vinyl 

One of the first things to come to mind when you’re looking for a low maintenance flooring type is luxury vinyl. Along with being cost-effective and easy to install, caring for luxury vinyl floors is easy. Since it doesn’t stain and is non-porous, most messes can be swept or mopped up. It’s water and stain-resistant, which means spills can be cleaned quickly without worry. Note that some vinyl flooring does not react well to improper cleaning chemicals, so be sure to check with your manufacturer before mopping.  

Ceramic Tile 

While it may be on the more expensive side compared to vinyl, there are few things more lasting and durable than ceramic tile. Buildings hundreds of years old still have ceramic tiles entirely in place. That’s a pretty good indication it would be a long-lasting residential flooring option. Ceramic is durable, non-porous, and waterproof when installed correctly. The water-resistance makes them ideal for installation in bathrooms and kitchens since the tiles can be cleaned easily. Ceramics offer incredible design and style versatility allowing you the chance for a unique look. Best of all, you can be sure their look will last given that ceramic tiles are highly stain-resistant as well.

Engineered Hardwood 

Last but not least, engineered hardwood is an option that will last for decades while looking great. It increases the value and appeal of your home exponentially. Carryout care with the help of a dry-mop or broom and spot cleaning. Engineered wood is thick and strong, which reduces the risks of scratching and eliminates the potential for swelling or shrinking due to weather. Thanks to its improved strength, engineered hardwood doesn’t need to be refinished with the same consistency as traditional wood flooring. 

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