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Kitchen Flooring Material Ideas

Kitchen Flooring Material Ideas

Don’t compromise on durable and stylish kitchen flooring! Which material would you like to use for your new kitchen floors?

In any given house, the kitchen is often the busiest and most used room. While your kitchen flooring won’t need to withstand the heavy-duty use commercial kitchens need, we’re willing to bet you feel like it needs to be able to! Still, even to have durable and long-lasting kitchen flooring, you don’t want to sacrifice style and comfort. In this post, we have a few ideas for top-performing kitchen flooring materials. For expert advice and flooring installation, please consider RPS Flooring for your next project.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is a natural clay material. Its ultra-strong durability comes from being fired under high heat for a long time. Properly installed ceramic tile is both heat-proof and water-proof. As your kitchen flooring, have confidence that these tiles will last. Ceramic tiles also come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. For many homeowners, these tiles can feel too hard and cold underfoot. If you choose not to have a heating system installed underneath the flooring, or it does not seem like a significant drawback to you, using area rugs or wearing slippers can help.

Natural Stone Tile

Some examples of natural stone tiles that would look fabulous in any kitchen are granite, slate, marble, and limestone. If you value the look of luxury in your home, granite and marble are top choices. Natural stone tiles come with minor variations, creating a unique and natural look. As kitchen flooring, it’s highly recommended to apply a sealant over these tiles. These are naturally porous, which can discolor if left to long term liquid exposure.


The ever-coveted hardwood floors. Homeowners go crazy over hardwood floors because of its durability, longevity, inviting and traditional look, as well as it’s comfortable feel underfoot. Modern sealants and finishes protect the hardwood planks better against moisture, but hardwood tends to change over long periods. However, people end up liking the aged personality of well-worn wood. To refresh the look of hardwood kitchen flooring, you have the option of repolishing, restaining, and refinishing.


This type of flooring is a synthetic material. Vinyl planks, tiles, and sheets have made their way into the homes of many in the past few years. The surface layer of vinyl flooring gets embossed with prints. Therefore, this material option is a cost-effective alternative to mimic wood, stone, and ceramic flooring. Installation of vinyl flooring requires using adhesives to glue down these flexible planks and tiles. Your subflooring may require work before it is suitable for vinyl flooring installation.

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