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How to Keep the Floors Clean During the Rainy Season

In order to maintain clean floors or carpet, it's important to bathe your pet regularly!

In order to maintain clean floors or carpet, it’s important to bathe your pet regularly!

One of the worst parts about the rainy season is how it makes everything wet and muddy. When you get caught outside in a storm, the only thing you really want to do is get out of the rain and mud and inside your warm, dry home as soon as possible. Although, the problem with this is that you will be bringing the weather from the rainy season indoors with you. You are likely to be wet and muddy when you enter your home, resulting in you unintentionally dirtying up your floors. If you want to keep your flooring clean during the rainy season, then it would be best for you to follow these helpful tips.

Be Mindful of Your Pets

If you have pets, especially dogs, then you are definitely likely to have mud and wet floors after taking them outside during the rainy season. The best way to avoid this for your flooring is to teach your pets how to keep their paws dry when entering the house. By keeping a towel near your door and wiping and drying their paws during the rainy season, you are adding something to their routine so they know not to walk on your flooring until their paws are clean and dry.

Floor Mats are Your Friend

Another good tip to keep your flooring clean during the rainy season is keeping floor mats by each of your doors. This way when you walk in, you have a place to take your muddy and wet shoes off when you enter your home, which will stop mud from being tracked onto your floors.

Establish a Mudroom

A mud room serves an important service during the rainy season in your home because it creates an area near your entrance where it is ok for you to be a little wet and muddy. It provides a larger area for you to remove and deal with your wet and muddy clothing than a floor mat can hope to provide, which is especially nice for larger families. Usually a garage or laundry room is best used as a mud room, because those are the areas of your home where it is more ok for your flooring to get a little dirty and is more manageable to deal with.

Always have a towel handy

A good idea to adopt for the rainy season is to keep towels by all the entrances to your home. This way, you will always have a clean towel readily available when you, your child, or your pet needs to dry off during the rainy season. These are especially good for drying off your wet rain coats before carrying and hanging them back up in your closet.  

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