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Is Commercial Carpeting Good for Business?

Consider how carpet could improve your commercial building.

Consider how carpet could improve your commercial building.

When it comes time to choose the flooring for your Maryland commercial space, you have many flooring options. Many business owners gravitate immediately to tile and vinyl options because they’re easy to keep clean and tend to be cost-effective. But another option that should always make the short list is commercial carpeting. Not only is carpeting a cost-effective, durable, high-performance choice, but it also provides great additional benefits that you likely won’t find with tile, wood, or vinyl.


There are two major ways that carpet is a safer choice. The first is if you drop something, like a laptop or a piece of equipment. When a floor is carpeted, the carpet and underlayment offer a protective layer, reducing the risk of the item breaking. Carpet is also safer to walk on. If your employees or visitors wear hard-soled shoes, like most heels and dress shoes are, they can easily slip on a smooth surface like a tile floor. Carpet offers more grip for these types of shoes, so people stay safer.


Carpet makes your space more comfortable. It provides thermal insulation against chilly weather, unlike hard tile floors which tend to conduct the cold. The carpet fibers actually help trap whatever air you have inside to keep the space comfortable: warm air when you have the heat on and cool air when you have the AC on. Either way, the space is more comfortable and you may even see a benefit on your utility bill.

Noise Reduction

There are many ways that carpet can help keep the noise down in your commercial space. First, the constant clicking and clicking of hard-soled shoes on hardwood floors will be a thing of the past. Second, carpet can help absorb the voices and other noises that seem to echo and amplify off of hard surfaces like floors. Third, carpet can help lessen the noise coming through the floor from tenants below you. No matter the business situation, from a retail store to an open concept office, carpet can help cut down on the distracting noise.


While this is not a benefit that carpet has over tile and wood, it is still worth noting. Many people avoid carpet because they think it will require excessive upkeep and maintenance. On the contrary, most commercial carpet is stain-resistant and durable enough to stand up to high traffic. Commercial carpet also comes in a variety of colors to suit any Maryland business.


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