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Is Ceramic Tile Flooring Right for My Kitchen and Bathrooms?

Is Ceramic Tile Flooring Right for My Kitchen and Bathrooms?

Think your kitchen or bathroom needs ceramic tile flooring?

When looking for new flooring for your home, there are few places more demanding than your kitchens and bathrooms. As two high demand and high use areas, kitchen and bathroom flooring need to be able to perform much higher and much harder than any other rooms of your home. Ceramic tile comes to the rescue! Along with being beautiful, tile has tons of benefits that we’ll walk you through today. 

Water Resistance 

One of the first, and arguably most important, things to note about ceramic tile is that, when installed correctly, it is entirely waterproof. It is essential to install waterproof flooring in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Even the most careful of homeowners are likely to get the floors wet during day to day use. Ceramic tile flooring removes any worry you might have about water ruining your floors. With ceramic tiles, feel confident that your floors will look amazing for years to come, no matter how many spills, water fights, or wet dogs these rooms will face. 

Easy Care 

In the two areas of the home most likely to get messy, having flooring that’s easy to care for is a god-send. Ceramic tile flooring is quick and easy to clean. Most ceramic tiles have a coating that keeps them from staining, so you can simply sweep and wipe the dirt away. You also rarely need to worry about damage from mopping — but do check that your tile is safe with any stronger chemical cleaning agents you might want to use. 

Durable and Long Lasting 

Tiles are hard, stain-resistant, and unlikely to be damaged by most household accidents. If you live with children, you know how at risk your floors can be from scratches, stains, and more. Ceramic tile flooring can last for hundreds of years when installed correctly. If you do find any minor damages, like chipping or cracking, replacing single tiles is a simple process. 

Incredible Design Options 

Last but not least, tile flooring comes in an impressive range of options and styles. You can find a tile range to match nearly any aesthetic and color scheme, making it a unique choice for every home. If you’re looking for a unique flooring that will last for ages, tile is the way to go! 

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