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How to Pick The Best Commercial Carpet

How to Pick The Best Commercial Carpet

Keep these factors in mind as you make your choice about the best type of commercial carpet to invest in.

Installing or replacing the commercial carpet in your building can be a big job. You want to make sure you’re getting the best carpeting available and that it will suit your needs. Replacing the carpeting again if you choose poorly will be a very expensive task and will take time away from the usability of the building as well. Instead, keep these factors in mind as you make your choice about the best type of commercial carpet to invest in. 

Think About Furniture

How much and what types of furniture are in the building where you will be installing the carpeting? If there is a lot of heavy furniture, like filing cabinets, they may or may not have to be removed to install the new carpet. Ask your carpeting professional since this could mean that your business needs to be shut down for a chunk of time for the installation to happen.

Think About Lighting

The colors and patterns of the commercial carpet will look different under different lighting conditions. Make sure that the ones you’re considering look good everywhere in your building, including under the harsh commercial interior lights and in the sun near windows. Just because it looks good in the showroom doesn’t mean it will look great in your building’s lighting conditions. 

Think About Carpet Life

How long do you hope the carpeting will last in your building? If you only need it for the life of a 5-year lease, then this is less of a concern than if you’re hoping the carpet will last 15 years or longer. Ask your flooring professionals how long the expected lifespan is for each type of commercial carpet you’re considering.

Think About Use

How the carpeting will be used will play a role in your decision too. Open spaces that get a lot of foot traffic will need different carpets than a small office. You will also need to consider how the carpeting will hold up at entryways, where people may track in rain, snow, dirt, and grime from the outside. 

Think About Maintenance

Research the type of maintenance your carpet options will require. If it requires special cleaning equipment or supplies, will it increase your cleaning budget? If the carpet does get stained, can you replace just part of it? Choosing commercial carpet tiles makes replacing a small section much easier than if you had continuous carpet. 

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