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How to Maintain the Beauty of Your Hardwood Floors During the Holiday Season

Discover how to maintain the beauty of your hardwood flooring while entertaining guests this holiday season.

Discover how to maintain the beauty of your hardwood flooring while entertaining guests this holiday season.

There is no feeling quite like the satisfaction of hosting an amazing and fun party. And with Thanksgiving basically here, the holiday season of parties is about to start! If you’re planning a Thanksgiving, Friends-giving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, or any other kind of holiday party, take some time to protect your hardwood flooring between now and then. Whether your floors are brand new or have years on them already, they will thank you.

Maintain, Maintain

Maintenance will be a fact of life no matter the type of floor, but especially with hardwoods. Make sure that the floors are clean well before the party starts. Remove any stains and sweep or vacuum to get up any dirt or debris that could be ground into them. After the party ends, jump on any new spills or stains as soon as possible and call in a professional if they’re too much to deal with yourself.

No Shoes, Please

The best bet for your floors is to always have a “no shoes” policy because shoes track in wetness, dirt, and gravel that can scuff your floors, and some (like high-heels) are often hard enough to dent and scratch hardwoods on their own. If you think this will be an awkward conversation at the door, put it on the invitations and invite guests to bring a pair of slippers to wear during the party.

The Furniture Exception

While it’s best to have no shoes on your guests, your furniture definitely needs them, and by shoes we mean those little felt pads. Not only do these make it easier to move your furniture, which you may be doing before the party anyway, they also prevent the legs from scratching the floor, especially if a guest needs to move a large chair or table for some reason.

Add Throw Rugs

Take a moment to assess the layout of your home and decide which areas you think your guests will likely congregate in. Is it around the fireplace in the living room or the TV in the den? Will there be a buffet in the dining room that will attract traffic walking back of forth and back again in front of it? Add throw rugs and runners to your high traffic areas and replace any that you already have that are worn out. They will protect the flooring underneath, be it hardwood, carpet, or vinyl, and give it more life for many more parties to come.

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