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How to Clean and Care for Commercial Carpet

How to Clean and Care for Commercial Carpet

Follow these tips to keep your commercial carpet looking clean for years to come.

Commercial carpeting is a great choice for most businesses since it tends to add warmth and comfort without too big a price tag. However, it does need some care and maintenance, mostly in the form of cleaning. When dirt and grime accumulate on commercial carpeting, it can make a space look dingy and unprofessional. Without appropriate maintenance, it can also accelerate wear and tear of the carpet. Proper cleaning and maintenance can keep your commercial carpets looking great. 

Routine Cleaning

The first step to maintaining your commercial carpets comes down to regular vacuuming. If your carpets are in high-traffic areas, you should be vacuuming them every day. If your carpets are only in moderate traffic areas, you can get by with only cleaning the main areas three times a week and the perimeter once a week. When you vacuum, make sure that you’re taking slow passes and vacuuming the whole area thoroughly – don’t just do a once-over.

Spots And Stains

When you have a spill or a spot on your commercial carpets, you should immediately blot up the excess with a paper towel. Don’t wipe or rub, that might make the stain worse. As soon as you can, you or your cleaning crew should address the spot. If a spill is left untreated, it will become a stain. Some spills, like ink, should first be cleaned up with water, followed by a cleaning solvent. Others messes, like coffee spills, should first be treated with a mild detergent in warm water, followed by a cleaner.

Test Cleaners And Pre-Treat

When you’re ready to treat a spot, always test your cleaners first. Do a spot test to make sure that the cleaner will not discolor the carpet fibers. When you use cleaners and spot treatments, remember only to spray where you need it – don’t drench the carpet squares or areas. Vacuum up dry debris first. Then, pre-treat any spots with cleaner before cleaning the whole carpet, so they get extra attention. 

Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Occasionally, you will need to do some heavy-duty cleaning with a rotary machine or hot water extraction. This type of cleaning is best left to a professional. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may get too much water under the carpeting, potentially leading to mold and mildew growth. 

Train Your Team

Finally, make sure everyone on your team knows how to respond to spills and spots. This way, you or your cleaning crew can address them quickly and keep messes from becoming permanent stains.

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