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A Guide to Spring Cleaning the Floors

Discover the best ways to clean your floors this spring!

Discover the best ways to clean your floors this spring!

Spring is here! Along with it, you can expect to see the Easter bunny hopping by, chocolate rabbits lining store shelves, and flowers sprouting out from the ground. On top of all of the wonderful things that come along with spring, you also need to tackle the less-than-fun parts of spring, like spring cleaning. If you need to spring clean your floors this year, here are some of our best tips for tidying up.

If You’re Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

  • Use cleaners that are specially designed to work with hardwood flooring. You should never use a cleaner that is abrasive.
  • Never use steam mops, since hardwood flooring can become damaged by the hot temperature of the steam and the excess moisture.
  • Never let wet spills, dirt, and dust sit on your floor. Instead, you should wipe things up as quickly as you can to avoid staining and damage.
  • If you have any sticky and stubborn substances on your hardwood flooring, slowly scrape it up without applying too much pressure, which might hurt the floor.

If You’re Cleaning Carpet

  • Spring is the perfect time to thoroughly clean your carpet, as household and outdoor allergies often act up during the spring months. Schedule a professional carpet cleaning to get your carpet in great shape.
  • Vacuum your carpets at least once a week. If you have kids or pets, you should vacuum more often and invest in a vacuum specifically designed to handle their messes.
  • If you have spots or stains on your carpet, you should see if water helps to lift them before you use a professional carpet cleaner. If water doesn’t do the trick, use a cleaner recommended by your carpet manufacturer.

If You’re Cleaning Vinyl Flooring

  • Mix one cup of apple cider vinegar and one gallon of warm water for a simple cleaning solution that will leave your vinyl flooring sparkling! Use a sponge mop to wipe the solution all over your floor.
  • If there are stains or discolored areas on your vinyl flooring, you can clean them using a soft sponge. If that doesn’t work, use a vinyl floor cleaner.
  • Never use ammonia when cleaning your vinyl flooring, as it can cause vinyl to crack and break down.


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