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A Guide to Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Discover what you can do with luxury vinyl flooring!

Discover what you can do with luxury vinyl flooring!

While it’s often confused with a wide variety of other types of hard flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is a unique and useful flooring type. Luxury vinyl is sometimes referred to as hot pressed tile because of its construction method. A vinyl backing and core are fused with a film layer and protective layer before being finished with a polyurethane coating that can contain ceramic bead, silica bead or aluminum oxide for a durable finish. These parts are all fused together with high amounts of heat and pressure to form beautiful, durable finished product. Learn more about the benefits and misconceptions surrounding this excellent flooring option.

Updated Designs

With the developments in printing that have occurred over the last forty years, the quality of luxury vinyl tile has increased dramatically. Initially, the design options were very flat and lacked texture or depth making them less than aesthetically pleasing. Today, this is completely changed, luxury vinyl tile can mimic the appearance of almost anything with half the trouble.


Thanks to the transparent top layer of varying thicknesses the durability of luxury vinyl tile are significantly improved. Not only is it resistant to scuffs and scratches, but it has a higher resistance to water than almost any other flooring type. This layer also means that you no longer need waxes, polishes, or any other maintenance that traditional vinyl tile would require.

Different From  Laminate

While the two are often confused for each other, laminate flooring has its benefits, luxury vinyl tile is entirely different. The main difference is in the makeup of the two materials. Laminate has a core made from powdered wood, while in luxury vinyl tile the center is solid vinyl. This difference is most noticeable when it comes to handling moisture. Over time and with excessive moisture, the laminate can warp and buckle because of the wood center. This distinct difference makes luxury vinyl an excellent choice if there is an issue of cleaning and durability to be taken into account. In homes with small children and pets, and in industries that require frequent, wet cleaning, luxury vinyl tile makes for a beautiful flooring solution.

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