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Flooring Removal: How to Tell That It’s Time

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Is it finally time for flooring removal?

Is it finally time for flooring removal? Do you need subfloor replacement? It might seem challenging to know when the time has come to replace the floor in your home, but there are some key signs that people should be aware of when it comes to removing and replacing your flooring. Are your floorboards screeching regularly? Is there a noticeable soft spot under your carpet? These, among others, are some telltale signs that your floors might be ready to be replaced. Here are some of the vital signs to take note of to ensure that your floors stay strong and know when it’s time to remove and replace your current flooring situation.

Uneven And Sunken Floors

If there are noticeable soft spots under your carpet, that can easily be a surefire sign that your flooring needs replacement. When you have panels of the floor that have become weak over time, homeowners will begin to notice subtle soft spots in their floors. Suppose you happen to see any unusual or irregular, less dense areas in your flooring. In that case, it might behoove you to get a professional to inspect your flooring and determine whether it’s time for floor replacement and removal.

Extremely Loud Squeaks

Another telltale sign that your flooring needs to go has to do with creaky and squeaky floorboards. If this happens commonly throughout your home, it might be finally time to replace and remove your existing floors. The reality is, subfloors will typically start squeaking once the nails that connect them end up becoming loose. As people walk across floors with these loose nails, the nails end up moving in and out, resulting in that squeaky noise many are all too familiar with. Examining your flooring options to help remove and eliminate that noise can provide some peace of mind to homeowners who need a new subfloor. 

Bottom Line

Ensuring your flooring is sturdy and efficient can become increasingly important for homeowners. As a result, knowing the telltale signs of when the floors in your home needs replacement can help you maintain a house with flooring that can withstand all the walking that may happen inside your home.

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