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Flooring Inspiration for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Are you ready to upgrade the flooring in your home?

Are you ready to upgrade the flooring in your home?

When searching for ways to enhance one’s home, homeowners often look everywhere but down. There are numerous ways that a person can improve the appearance of their home, from repainting the walls to upholstering the chairs. However, if you’re looking for a simple way to upgrade the interior of your house, start from the ground up. Discover four of the most popular flooring trends of the year!

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring has always been popular, but this year large-format tiling is hotter than ever. Large-format tile tends to appear more industrial, providing homeowners with a modern take on a classic material. Large-format tile doesn’t just look great, but it’s also easier to clean and maintain.

Cork Flooring

Cork has always been a great flooring option, but there hasn’t been much versatility in style until recently. Ten years ago, it was almost impossible to find cork flooring in a color other than beige. Now, homeowners can choose from a variety of cork flooring colors and styles. Cork flooring tends to require more maintenance than other flooring materials, but it’s comfortable to walk on and looks great in any room.

Luxury Vinyl

Gone are the days of peel and stick “luxury” tile. Now, homeowners can combine the luxurious appearance of hardwood with the durability of vinyl flooring. What’s not to love about this functional and attractive flooring option? Consider visiting a carpet and flooring showroom to choose the luxury vinyl that’s right for your home.

Classic Hardwood

Let’s face it, hardwood flooring has always been a classic staple of any home. In recent years, the flooring world has seen multiple variations of hardwood flooring, and often the alterations aren’t for the better. Skip the modern take on hardwood flooring, and opt for a classic approach. Not only does original hardwood flooring look beautiful, but it’s always unique. When you invest in new hardwood flooring, you know that your floors will be tailored to your home.

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