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Our Favorite Flooring Trends of the Year

Discover the most popular trends of 2018!

Flooring in 2018 is leaning towards the interesting and unusual. Home buyers and remodelers are no longer satisfied with the same old designs and materials. They want something that is visually interesting and unique, and our top five flooring trends of the year deliver.

Bleached or Blanched Wood

Blanching is the process of bleaching the wood to achieve a soft, ashy, white-washed look. The process removes the color but leaves the natural wood grain beautifully intact. The result is stunning and will be popular in all styles of home. While bleaching your existing floors may be possible, you should consult a professional since it is often cheaper to simply use pre-blanched replacement flooring.

Fumed Wood Flooring

Most flooring is stained to achieve the desired color but fumed flooring is different. ┬áRather than adding color to the wood’s surface, the wood is placed in a chamber with airborne ammonia (not liquid). This reacts with the wood and changes it to produce deep color with beautiful grain pattern unique to the type of wood. The end result is a depth of color and pronounced wood grain that you cannot get through staining.

Distressed Wood or Tile

Distressed flooring has been popular for a while, but it is definitely having a big year. Most distressed flooring is artificially aged and styled to look slightly worn. Edges are scraped down, flaws are added to the surface of the wood, or the glossy surface of the tile is brushed away. Sometimes homeowners opt for reclaimed barn wood or lumber instead, to achieve the weathered look. Either way, this trend speaks to a rustic design that we just love.

Textured Tiles

Tiles are often the go-to for practical spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, but not for decorative ones. Thanks to the addition of texture, tile is more versatile than ever. Textured tiles are designed to resemble other materials, like wood or stone, both visually and in texture. Imagine the utility of a tile floor but the beauty and feel of wood. This is a trend we can get behind!

Graphic Tiles

Not for the faint of heart, graphic tiles are a bold trend we love. With them, your floor becomes your canvas. Each tile can have the same pattern, or a different one so that they all fit together to form a large image. Tiles can be printed in any colors, from a monochromatic pattern to a bright artistic display. Your creative options are limitless.

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