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Everything You Need to Know About Natural Stone Tile

Considering natural stone? Visit RPS Carpet and Flooring!

Considering natural stone? Visit RPS Carpet and Flooring!

Whether you’re looking for a product for your floors, your countertops, or even your outdoor living areas, one material you should be considering is natural stone tile. Natural stone tile is an increasingly popular choice, which means that it is now available in a wide range of styles and colors.¬†

They’re Natural¬†

Natural tile is just that, natural, which means that there will be variation in the look of the tiles. No two tiles will be exactly alike, including the coloration of the tiles. If you must have a consistent color across your whole floor, you may be disappointed in the look of this natural tile. This variation also means that you should consider purchasing a little extra material for your project, in case there are some tiles that are too drastically different to fit your aesthetic.

There Are Different Uses For Each Type

There are different types of natural stone that each have different recommended uses. Granite tiles work well in all rooms of the house, while other types (like travertine) are better for bathrooms and are not recommended for kitchen counters (because they are porous and can harbor bacteria). Slate, on the other hand, is the most durable and the best bet for outdoor uses.

They Can Stain

Natural stone is porous by nature, and this means that it can stain. To prevent staining, natural stone tile needs to be sealed after it is installed. The sealant essentially fills the pores and makes it easier to clean. Your professional floor installer should apply the sealer after they install the tiles. If you are DIY’ing your tile project, make sure that you choose the correct sealant for your type of tile and apply it when the surface is totally clean of debris and dry.

They Require Maintenance

Natural stone tiles do require more maintenance than other types of tile, like ceramic and porcelain. It can be stained and scratched, so you have to make sure that you sweep or dust the tiled surface regularly and clean up spills as soon as they happen. Aside from that, natural stone tile is a great and highly durable option for any project.

They May Increase Property Value

Some flooring options are considered upgrades and could actually improve your home’s resale value. Because natural stone is so beautiful and durable, it may increase your resale value, especially if you are replacing a lower quality flooring option.

Questions? RPS Flooring is Here to Help

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