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Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Plank Flooring

Discover the benefits of vinyl plank flooring!

Discover the benefits of vinyl plank flooring!

Vinyl plank flooring is on the rise in popularity in commercial institutions for several reasons. It’s durable and has very simple maintenance requirements. It also mimics the look of beautiful natural wood without the expensive budget or complex installation requirements. If you are considering making use of vinyl plank flooring, here are some things that you should know.

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring mimics the look of hardwood flooring perfectly, but at a far lower price. It comes in planks, rather than sheets. You might hear the words vinyl plank flooring and luxury vinyl tile used similarly, however, they are a little different. Vinyl plank flooring refers to wood designs. Luxury vinyl tile refers to stone or abstract patterns and is made of several layers.

Consider Plank Size

This type of flooring comes in a variety of sizes. The size you choose will affect the purchase price, difficulty, and overall speed of installation. Larger planks take less time, meaning that you need fewer of them and it takes less overall time to install them, which can take a chunk out of labor costs. However, smaller planks are better for smaller spaces and generate less waste as they need to be trimmed less before they are placed.   

Consider The Space

Will your space be high or low traffic? A busy open office will need a floor that can withstand a lot more wear than a small private executive suite. Selecting a material that will suit your specific office environment is key. The more wear you expect, the thicker flooring you should choose. Thicknesses range from 8 mil, which is best in low-traffic parts of residential homes, to 28 mil, which works best in high-traffic commercial areas with a lot of foot and rolling traffic.

Consider The Look

Vinyl plank flooring comes in numerous designs, so along with choosing one that is the right thickness and at the right price point, you will want to choose one that fits the look you want. You can choose from a dark or light wood design, and even lay them in specific ways to create subtle patterns on the floor. Flooring is one of the largest expenses in any space, meaning that a lot of consideration needs to go into choosing something that is stylish as it is functional.

Vinyl Plank Flooring from RPS Flooring

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