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Creative Flooring Ideas for Your Garage Makeover

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Visit the RPS Carpet and Flooring showroom to learn more!

If you love dreaming of new home projects, a garage makeover may be the perfect challenge. When people envision a garage makeover, they usually think about converting it into an office or remodeling it for some other use. But there’s no reason you can’t makeover your garage and have it still be a garage. One of the biggest transformations you can make is to upgrade the flooring. Sure, you know your bathroom flooring options forwards and backward, so here are some new ideas to add to your arsenal for this unusual project.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring for your garage is available in two styles. The first is the rollout, which is the easiest to install. You simply unroll the material and cut away the excess, then lay it down on the concrete floor. The rollout vinyl covers staining and even cracking. Vinyl also comes in peel and stick tiles, which allow you to mix and match colors or patterns to achieve interesting designs. These tiles are a little more time-consuming to install, but if they ever get damaged, they are also easier to replace. Severe cracking of your floor will make these tiles a no-go, however, since they will have trouble adhering.

Interlocking Tiles

This is a great flooring solution if you have cracks because they completely cover the concrete with new material. That material is often a bit more comfortable than plain concrete too since it is heavy-duty vinyl or rubber. These tiles fit together and interlock, like puzzle pieces, and they come in a variety of shades. Mix them up to achieve patterns like checkerboard or stripes and you can add a lot of visual interest to your garage in one move.


If you are looking for a very cost-effective option that you can DIY without learning a new skill, you could paint the floor. If you have cracking, you will need to repair it first and thoroughly clean the floor. Next, you must prime the concrete and then use the appropriate type of paint. If you don’t, the paint will peel right up, but even if you do everything right, painting is the least durable option, lasting only about 3 years.


This is another DIY option, but it is a little trickier than latex paint. Like with paint, you will need to patch and clean the floor, and you will have to etch it. Then you mix the epoxy paint with the hardener that comes with it and paint it on. You only have two hours to get it down once you start. Most kits also come with color chips that you can scatter on for visual interest. Once you’re done, you seal the whole thing for a stain resistant and durable finish.

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