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How to Choose the Best Tile for Your Bathroom

Are you ready to update the bathroom tile?

Are you ready to update the bathroom tile?

Tile is a great way to add class and style to your bathroom, but how do you choose the right type? There are more options than ever on the market and tile quality has grown immensely. Not to mention, the subject of tile has become more trendy than ever thanks to designing giants like Emily Henderson and Justina Blakeney, both of whom talk about tile almost weekly. Never fear, with these tips you won’t have to worry about making any egregious tile mistakes.

Pick Your Dream Tile First

If you have a tile dream – a singular style of tile whose design appeals to you, start there. It’s likely that if you try to design without it, you will inevitably regret not using it, but if you start with your dream tile and find ways to use it you will have a design that you will love for years to come. If your dream is simple subway tile, your design will be easier. If your vision is custom Moroccan hand painted tiles, you may need to find ways to use them in a way that keeps them a focal point but doesn’t blow your budget.

You Can Use More Than One But No More Than Three

The more tile, the merrier, up to a point. When you have one focal tile (Like the Moroccan ones), it may not be cost-effective to tile an entire bathroom with them. Instead, you should try using a subtle tile in an accent color to help make your focal tiles pop.   

Stick To One Focal Point

It can be challenging to choose one show-stopping tile option over another, but too much of a good thing quickly becomes a visual nightmare. Whether your showstopper is big or small can be up to you, but always keep it to one focal point. This way you create a classic look that will remain modern rather than quickly looking tacky.

Keep Maintenance In Mind

In a bathroom tile is one of the flooring options that are easiest to maintain, but you will want to remember that they still need routine maintenance. Ceramic or porcelain tiles, for instance, will only require simple sweeping and occasional mopping. While porous tile, like stone, has excellent texture but will need more intensive cleaning.  

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