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The Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors

Discover the best ways to clean your hardwood floors!

Discover the best ways to clean your hardwood floors!

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. Cleaning them, however, can be a little bit of a challenge. Here are the best ways to clean hardwood floors!

Vacuum Often

If you have the time, vacuuming your hardwood floors daily is a good way to keep the dust and dirt off of them. Most vacuums now have a floor option to make it easy.


Since large amounts of water aren’t good for your hardwood floors, waxing is a good alternative. Doing this every so often will keep your floors clean and shiny as well as keeping you from having to mop. Although you should never wet mop your hardwood floors, you should clean up any spills that happen immediately to keep from damaging the floors.

Damp Mopping

Now, there is an alternative to wet mopping and that is damp mopping. Rather than using a lot of water, you use just enough to dampen the mop. This will allow for a thorough cleaning while also keeping the floor from any water damage. You want to ring the mop out so much that it is only slightly damp to the touch.


You can use either a dust mop or a dusting cloth to keep the dust off of your floors. This is another option you can choose to do in between your deep cleaning to keep the surface of the floors clean. It is a quick alternative to vacuuming if you don’t have the time to or simply don’t want to hear the noise from it.

Tea Time

This option is a lot different than the rest, but it has shown to be effective. You simply make hot tea as you would to drink it and use a small amount to clean your floors. The acid in the tea helps create a nice shine for your hardwood flooring.

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