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The Benefits of Commercial Carpeting

Consider how carpet could improve your commercial building.

Consider how carpet could improve your commercial building.

When considering the options available for commercial flooring, you may think that tile or hardwood as the most versatile and low-maintenance choices. However, don’t forget that there are several benefits to choosing carpet. Regardless of the size of your space, choosing carpet for your commercial flooring needs is a cost-effective, high-performance, and long-lasting choice that will retain its beauty and also give you the following added benefits.  

The Noise Benefit

I’m sure that you’ve noticed the difference between the sounds that shoes make when walking on carpet versus hardwood or other types of flooring. The clicking and clacking of heels or other hard-bottom shoes can be loud and distracting. If your employees and clients that use your commercial space require a quiet atmosphere to complete their tasks, the constant sounds of people walking by could turn a simple task into a headache. Carpet will absorb these sounds to help create a quieter atmosphere.   

The Safety Benefit

Heels and hard-bottom shoes can sometimes be slippery, especially on hardwood or tile floors. Carpet helps eliminate this hazard as it is often easier to walk on, especially when wearing those types of shoes. In addition, in the event that someone accidentally drops a piece of equipment like a laptop, tablet, or even their own cell phone, having carpet on the floor could greatly reduce the amount of damage that those items would suffer.

The Comfort Benefit

It may not be the most obvious benefit, but carpet will act as insulation for your commercial space. It provides some thermal protection against chilly weather, especially for the fall and winter months. The fibers of the carpet help retain heat which, in turn, could benefit your pockets by allowing you to reduce your energy costs during those months. In warmer weather, the carpet also helps keep cooler air inside, again enhancing the comfort level for all employees, clients, and customers.

The Maintenance Benefit

You may be thinking that carpet commercial flooring is a higher-maintenance option than tile, hardwood, or other commercial flooring options. However, many commercial carpets are stain-resistant, durable, and come in colors that will bring together the overall design of any space.  They can stand up to handling high traffic areas and other daily occurrences.


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