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5 Ways Pet-Owners can Maintain a Clean Carpet

Learn how to maintain a clean carpet all year round!

Learn how to maintain a clean carpet all year round!

Our pets are our best friends and our furry little family members, but sometimes they can seriously damage a carpet without even trying. Don’t throw in the towel on the dream of having beautiful carpeting in your home! Follow these five tips for having pets and carpets that live in harmony.

Clean and Dry Your Pet’s Paws

If it is wet and muddy outside, most of us take off our shoes before traipsing across the carpet. Teach (sort of) your pet the same habit. Keep a towel by the door and wipe down your pet’s paws. This way they won’t grind dirt, mud, or water into your carpeting. They probably won’t like it at first, but if you’re consistent, they may come to expect that it is part of the routine of coming back inside.

Consider Installing a Tile Entryway

Sometimes our pets come barreling through the door before we can stop them to clean their paws. Consider installing a tile entryway or mudroom, if you have the space. That way, your pet can shake off the debris of the outdoors before they grind it into your carpet. There are tons of beautiful options when it comes to tiling floors, so you can easily find something that goes with your carpeting and decor. Plus, tile is easier to clean than carpeting, so it’s best if the mud stays there.

Have a Pet-safe Carpet Spray On Hand

If your carpeting does get dirty, either from pet prints or a pet accident, clean it as quickly as possible. Remove the debris as soon as you can. Then, spray the area with a carpet cleaning spray, and after a few minutes wipe it away with a towel. Be sure to choose a spray that is pet-safe to protect your best friend from harmful chemicals. Having this on hand to use as soon as possible after your carpeting is soiled is the best way to prevent stains.

Pull Out the Heavy Duty Cleaners Occasionally

If your carpet has a history of stains and accidents, consider doing a deep cleaning. Pets are more likely to soil a carpet that has existing odors from past accidents. A deep clean can help get rid of those odors and hopefully prevent future issues. You can do this by renting a carpet cleaner from a store (usually by the day) and cleaning it yourself. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional service to come in and really get your carpeting clean.

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