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5 Residential Flooring Mistakes to Avoid

5 Residential Flooring Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these residential flooring mistakes; Get expert advice and service from the RPS team.

Great flooring should complement its surroundings—this is why some of the best floors go unnoticed. Bolder flooring options, on the other hand, can be the focal point of a room (for better or for worse!). At RPS, we know that residential flooring can make or break a room. Whether you are installing original flooring or replacing old floors, don’t miss this opportunity to enhance the look of your home from the ground up.

Impatience During Installation

Major renovations take time. During the remodeling period, many homeowners will neglect to account for all of the phases of residential flooring repair. It is easy to become frustrated when this process goes on for longer than you initially expected. When installing new floors, there is no need to rush. To ensure that all aspects of construction are sound, give your contractor the appropriate amount of time during installation.

Following Trends

When it comes to flooring, traditional options tend to age better than trendy ones. Ideally, the style of your home should be timeless. This factor is especially important if you ever plan on selling your home in the future—dated residential flooring will decrease the value of a property as a whole.

Sticking to a Singular Flooring Pattern

On the other hand, some homeowners will be overly conservative when selecting flooring patterns, resulting in a monotonous design. To achieve a more inspired look, keep your materials and color palette somewhat varied, and consider installing different types of flooring in various areas throughout your home.

Selecting the Wrong Grout Color

If you have chosen to use stone or tile flooring materials, take a moment to consider the color and thickness of the grout you will be using to fill the spaces in between. When working with patterned tiling, homeowners typically choose a contrasting grout. The contrast will naturally draw attention to the design and color of the floor. For a more understated, contemporary look, you may consider matching grout. To use this method to your advantage, pair a dark tile with a darker grout. Matching the colors is a great way to give your floors a sleek update while making dirt less noticeable.

Skimping on Labor

By far, the biggest mistake homeowners will fall prey to is choosing the wrong contractor. While it may be tempting to hire the contractor who promises a great price, be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. It’s never a good idea to cut costs on essentials such as flooring, which can be expensive to fix if they aren’t done right. An experienced contractor will ensure that your floors are installed carefully and correctly.

RPS Flooring is Here to Help

If you still have more questions about upgrading your floors, RPS Flooring is here to help. Our trained professionals will answer your questions and guide you in the right direction. Give us a call or come and visit our showroom to check out our selection of commercial and residential flooring options. For tips, tricks, and to see what we have been working on, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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