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5 Reasons You Should Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Kitchen

5 Reasons You Should Install Hardwood Flooring in Your Kitchen

Read on for five great reasons you should install hardwood flooring in your kitchen.

There’s a reason that the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. We do so much of our home life activity there: relaxing, chit-chatting, helping the kids with homework, eating, and of course preparing meals. This adds up to a lot of foot traffic, so you need flooring that is up to the task. For this, you need something that is highly durable, is easily washed and maintained, and will last for years. You likely also want it to be beautiful. Hardwood flooring is the perfect flooring option for kitchens. Read on for five great reasons you should install hardwood flooring in your kitchen.

Impressive Durability

Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the house, and hardwood flooring can stand up to the use and abuse. Choose a wood species that ranks high on the Janka chart (a measurement of wood hardness), and you can be sure that your floors will take all that comes their way for years and years to come. 

Ease Of Maintenance

Kitchens are messy, but hardwood flooring is easy to clean. Daily maintenance comes down to vacuuming and sweeping with a mop. Long-term maintenance may call for refinishing, but this is really just a way to further extend the long life of this type of flooring.

Visual Appeal

Hardwood floors are a practical choice that doesn’t sacrifice style. Hardwood is beautiful and elegant and can help you to create a truly stunning kitchen. Even if your kitchen is smaller than you’d like it to be, hardwood flooring can help it feel and appear larger and more spacious. 

Upgraded Ambiance

Hardwood flooring offers a softer feel than tile overall. The physical feeling is often warmer, and the natural beauty adds a warmth to the whole room, which is often welcome in the winter and still comfortable in the summer. Hardwood floors also improve the ambiance of the room by improving the actual air quality. They don’t trap dust or other allergens, which often get trapped in the fibers of carpet or the grout and embossing lines of tile or laminate. 

Improved Home Value

When you have beautiful hardwood flooring professionally installed, you can actually improve your home value. Potential buyers often look for hardwoods as a sign of high-end taste and long-term durability. They also show less wear and tear than other flooring options, so if you’re getting new floors now and decide to sell years down the line, the floors will still look great. 

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