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5 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Flooring

Discover why so many homeowners are choosing vinyl!

Discover why so many homeowners are choosing vinyl!

It’s time to break out the vinyl flooring in your home, a flooring option with increasing popularity. With the same look as hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring is a tad more luxurious and comes with a bountiful amount of reasons to be added to your home.


Vinyl flooring is the perfect type of flooring for your home if you want something that can withstand some wear and tear and last for a while. First off, it is moisture and scratch resistant so there is no need to worry about your furniture or pets leaving any marks on it. Once installed, vinyl flooring should last for about 20 years in your home, and if not, no need to worry. Many manufacturers offer warranties that last for at least 15 years.


In addition to being a long lasting flooring in your home, vinyl flooring is a decorators dream come true. Vinyl flooring can closely mimic wood and stone, allowing you to play with decorating options that normally only those flooring patterns give. There is also a multitude of options that come along with vinyl flooring with respect to colors and patterns, that essentially offer home decorators the ability to do whatever they desire with their flooring options.

Low Maintenance

As soon as your vinyl flooring is installed, cleaning your floors will no longer be the daunting task it once was. Vinyl flooring is designed to be easy to sweep and mop on, making for a quick cleaning job. Unlike other flooring options, you will never be required to do any special cleaning like waxing and or scrubbing, making it even easier to clean and deal with.


Thanks to being a long lasting flooring option, vinyl flooring is considered one of the most affordable flooring options on the market since they will not require any future investment. You will also not have to worry about spending money on labor to remove your previous flooring, as vinyl flooring can just be installed right over your old flooring, also making it a quick installation job.


If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, then vinyl flooring is the perfect option for you to choose. Vinyl flooring provides a soft touch on your foot in comparison to the traditional hardwood flooring options, thanks to a layer of either felt or foam underneath the floor. The foam layer helps make vinyl flooring easily the most comfortable flooring option out there.

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