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5 Commercial Flooring Mistakes to Avoid

5 Commercial Flooring Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t make these costly commercial flooring mistakes! Get expert help from the RPS team.

Choosing the right commercial flooring for your building is a huge decision. While it is tempting to pick something cheap and easy to install, you also need flooring that is durable enough to withstand hard use while being aesthetically pleasing to represent your brand. These three points are often in conflict — to achieve one, you may think you need to sacrifice the others. However, this decision doesn’t have to be the case. If you do your research before making a decision and avoid these five common mistakes, your commercial flooring could be perfect for your business.

Consider The Floor Lifecycle

With several things, the cost is not the only upfront payment. This idea is especially true with flooring. When you’re choosing your flooring materials, analyze the full lifetime costs, including the cost of specialized equipment and supplies, the cost to repair or replace, and the expected lifetime of the material.

Don’t Skimp On Installation

When it comes to installing new floors, some businesses choose to cut costs by skimping on installation, especially when it comes to seemingly small things, such as installing drains. When you have floor drains, they are there to make life easier while doing maintenance tasks like mopping. These small considerations may not seem like a big deal today, but a year or two down the line, these could be if your employees start putting off the task of mopping because it is more difficult without the floor drains. As with all aspects of commercial flooring, you have to think long term before you cut things.

Install Walk-Off Mats

Plan to place walk-off mats are every entrance to your building, and you will eliminate 80-90% of the dirt that gets tracked in from the outside. This sizable dent in the amount of dirt, ice, sand, salt, and other debris that your floor encounters mean that those floors can enjoy a longer lifespan and need less cleaning. The best walk-off mats get designed into the flooring systems rather than being installed on top. 

Buy The Right Equipment

If you choose a floor that requires specialized care or equipment, invest and buy the right equipment. Failing to do so could lead to increased maintenance costs in the long run, and may even damage your floors or void any warranty you may have. Finally, remember that time also has value. Opting for a low-cost mop over an expensive cleaner may save you money today, but you are likely going to be paying for someone’s time to mop every day rather than once a week for the life of the floor.

Invest In Maintenance And Training

Finally, don’t cut maintenance duties or training to reduce commercial flooring costs, as it will end up worse in the long run. Dirt and grime build-up from not maintaining your floors (or your employees are not adequately trained on using the equipment to clean the floors) can cause irreparable damage to the flooring surface. 

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