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4 Ways to Develop a Kitchen Floor Plan

Are you planning a kitchen remodel?

Are you planning a kitchen remodel?

You can replace the appliances, update the cabinets, and install brand new light fixtures, but that still won’t make the kitchen perfect. You can refinish your floors or even have brand new kitchen flooring installed, but it won’t make your kitchen more efficient. The fact is, if the layout of the kitchen doesn’t meet your needs, it is not going to be a perfect kitchen. Here are 5 things to consider when developing your kitchen floor plan.

Check Local Guidelines

It’s terrible to spend lots of time planning and fall in love with a design, only to find out you can’t do it because it wouldn’t meet code.  Before you get too far into planning, check your local building codes to know what rules you have to abide by. You should also check out the National Kitchen and Bath Association because they provide guidelines for making your space more practical and functional.

Decide What Has to Fit

Before you start designing, make sure you have a solid idea of what all has to fit in the kitchen. Sure, you’re going to have a fridge and a stove, but do you need space for both a range and a freestanding oven? What about specialty items like a wine fridge? Make sure you know what you must have and what you’d like to have and how much space each usually needs.

Appliance Triangle

Traditionally, the layout of a kitchen is such that the stove, sink, and fridge sit at the points of a triangle so the cook can efficiently move from one to the next. However, we have added a lot of new appliances to the kitchen mix, so is the triangle still best? In small kitchens, the triangle still works well, but if you are designing a larger space, consider workstations instead. This way you have at least 15” of landing space around each appliance and the related appliances and accessories are stored close to it.

Island Life

If you have the space for an island, this is a great way to add workspace and seating. Current trends in islands include having multiple levels and specialty equipment like prep sinks, warming drawers, or even additional dishwashers or mini fridges. Don’t restrict yourself to simple countertop space – make the island a work zone that meets your needs.

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