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4 Reasons to Replace Your Hardwood Flooring in 2019

Is it time to upgrade your home’s hardwood flooring?

Hardwood floors are a beautiful, timeless choice for almost any home. They are unparalleled in durability, with some homes still having the original floors after nearly 100 years. Nothing lasts forever, however, and there are some cases where you should consider replacing your hardwood floors. Here are some reasons you should opt for new flooring in 2019.

Thinning Floors

Hardwood floors require a good deal of maintenance. One form of hardwood maintenance is refinishing. This is a process of sanding down the surface of the wood to hide imperfections. Over time, however, sanding the floor can cause the wood to become thin, exposed nails, and eventually making the floor unsafe. Most hardwood floors should not be refinished more than four or five times in their lifetime. If you’ve already refinished your floors a few times, or if the floors are showing signs of wearing thin, it’s likely time to replace them with new flooring.

Water Damage

Water damage is more than just a cosmetic issue. While the staining of water damage isn’t a great look, water exposure can also cause other issues for hardwoods. Water can cause the wood to warp, buckle, or peel, and over time gaps can form between the boards. If you’re seeing signs of water damage on your hardwood floors, it is time to look into new flooring options. Before you replace the flooring, however, you need to find the source of the water damage and correct it or switch to a more water resistant material, like tile.

Updated Look or Materials

Damage isn’t the only reason to upgrade your flooring. Sometimes you just want a new look or a more trendy style. Many older wood floors were constructed with 2 ¼ inch planks, but many homeowners today are opting for wider planks. Diagonal flooring can help a room appear larger, so in a small room, you may want to change the flooring to accomplish this. Alternatively, you may want to change your flooring in order to get a different material, one that is better for a pet, more environmentally conscious, or easier to clean and maintain. All of these are good reasons to look into new flooring.

The Flooring is Outdated

It may be enough for you that your hardwood flooring is just old, maybe even older than you are. If it is not obviously suffering from any of these issues, but you want to replace it anyway, that’s okay. Hardwood flooring definitely has a shelf life, and 2019 is a great time to replace the old with something new.

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