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4 Commercial Building Flooring Considerations

RPS Carpet and Flooring Wholesalers can aid you in your search for the perfect flooring for you next commercial building!

RPS Carpet and Flooring Wholesalers can help you in your search for the perfect flooring for your next commercial building!

Flooring is an important choice in any building, but for commercial buildings, it can be a crucial part of the design. The right flooring can help determine how your commercial space is used by employees, as well as how it’s perceived by customers or guests. Depending on your industry, your commercial building may need to follow certain standards or prioritize different characteristics in order to maintain the proper professional image. Choosing the right flooring may seem like a daunting task, but these considerations don’t have to be overwhelming. Here are four commercial building flooring considerations to help you keep your building’s best interests in mind.


Many industries consider durability first and foremost when it comes to commercial flooring. This is an important factor for buildings that will see a lot of heavy foot traffic, such as elementary school, high schools, and college classroom buildings. With all the use that classrooms and lecture halls see year after year, it makes sense to prioritize price and durability in commercial flooring. Carpet tiles, porcelain, and linoleum are some of the most popular flooring choices in these buildings.


Style is very important in many industries. In retail, for example, the design of your commercial building can have a big impact on customer perception, employee morale, and sales. Owners of retail buildings may even consider flooring to be a part of the visual branding, making it all the more important that your commercial flooring hits the right visual mark. More upscale or elegant stores may choose hardwood floors for the right atmosphere, while larger stores that see a lot of foot traffic may choose carpet tile for their customizability and ease of maintenance.

Sanitation Requirements

Medical centers and hospitals, as well as professional kitchens and other areas where hygiene are important, may need to follow certain sanitation requirements. This can limit your flooring choices to the most sanitary and easily cleaned materials. Floors can get dirty fast in these industries, so popular choices include linoleum flooring or specialized tile, which will be durable and easy to sanitize.


Many workplace buildings, including offices and warehouses, will feature a number of spaces that are used for different work activities. Different flooring can be used in different areas in order to best fit the functionality of each space. For example, warehouses may require a concrete floor for durability and hygiene, while an attached office may utilize carpet tile for ease of cleaning.

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